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Why do we celebrate St Valentine?

Posted by Hosai Tarin on Feb 7, 2019 4:47:14 PM


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we all have love on our minds. Here at Burrells, We are decorating our windows and stocking up on our favourite designs, to make sure we are ready to help those of you looking for that special present for your special someone.

Jewellery gifts for Valentine’s have continued to grow in popularity, making them a firmly traditional romantic present. We can see why though, for what better way to declare your love than putting time and effort into choosing something so personal that can be kept forever.


why do we have a st valentine's day?

There are so many legends and theories regarding the origins of this love day that it has got us thinking: Is Valentine’s Day as we know it today the result of history or is it a commercialised holiday created to raise sales for cards, chocolates, and flowers? It’s often a topic for debate, and while love is in the air, we thought it would be interesting to look at how St Valentine is celebrated in the modern day!

From a retail perspective, it’s a magical time for those industries that are affiliated with the romantic season. Valentine’s Day is the second most popular occasion to exchange cards, and a mind-boggling 1.8 billion cards are exchanged annually around the world on this day.


In the UK specifically, the tradition of sending Valentine’s day cards dates back to the Victorian times, when they were posted in secret. The cards were often handmade, featured different material such as lace, pressed grass, drawings, paintings and sometimes jokes.

Additionally, flower businesses and chocolate companies make a more significant profit during the month of February, and all have unique items that come out for sale this month. These limited edition items are quite exclusive, and often a must-have choice when shopping in February.


Date night culture also means that restaurants are more booked on the 14th of February than usual, so make sure to be organised with table reservations if you plan to wine and dine in February!

Ultimately we celebrate St Valentine's day as its the perfect excuse to share a little love and take time out of that busy schedule called life, and spend it with those who matter to us the most. 



Who was St Valentine?

Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, India, and many other countries around the globe. Its roots go back to at least the Christian and Roman traditions and possibly even as far as the Middle Ages. But who was St Valentines? And how did he become this iconic romantic reference?

There are many theories as to who precisely this Saint was, and not all of them give you the warm and fuzzy feelings. Some believe that Saint Valentine was a person who helped Roman prisoners escape torture and others say he was a prisoner himself, who fell in love with the jailer's daughter and wrote her love letters.


mont blanc pen


One legend even references that he was a Roman priest who served during the third century in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. When Claudius asked that single men stay single as they make better soldiers than their married counterparts, this Roman priest married young lovers in secret and died for his efforts when his actions were exposed. The legend continues that this priest died around the 14th of February, which is a similar tale to some stories told by the Catholic Church.

This religion recognises at least 3 saints that died in or around the 14th of February, all named Valentine or Valentinus. Quite a coincidence isn’t it? All these tales are interlinked by some form of unrequited love, the name Valentine and the date of February 14th.

As the years went on, the holiday has become bigger and bigger. Chaucer and Shakespeare have romanticised the day in their works, and the day has been celebrated in some way or another throughout Britain and Europe since then.


What has St Valentine got to do with jewellery?

Now, whether one or all of these legends are true is hard to tell, and quite honestly a topic to further discuss. However, it is thought-provoking that a day we now associate with flowers, chocolates and all things filled with love, may have had a rather brutal and violent origin. Perhaps this is reflected in the journey of the diamond we often now associate with Valentine’s Day and love in general. The diamond starts out as a piece of graphite, which when subjected to much pressure and intense heat, transforms into the hardest substance known to man. A good metaphor for how love conquers all!

heart-cut-diamond-shape-1See more about Diamonds with our Ultimate Guide Blog Post.

So this Valentine’s day we will choose to celebrate love because as a jewellery business it is what we do best. One of my colleagues recently said, the best part of working in this industry is knowing that you are a part of someone else’s love story. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that someone has purchased an item to propose with, celebrate a birthday, or just because they want to treat someone.

All these moments make up memories in someone else’s life, and it is a special privilege to be a part of that. No matter what history led us to Valentine’s Day, we all make our own little historical moments with the people we love.

So, whether you are looking to make a grand gesture to your significant other, proposing marriage, or even gifting someone with love in a non-romantic way, we have something for you. Pop into one of our stores this month to check out our collection of beautiful pearls, simple diamond pendants, and various other magnificent pieces. Here are a few gorgeous options to inspire you:





The most luxurious gift of all - an abundant collection of diamonds. 







Sleek and sophisticated, a perfect addition to any jewellery collection.







A touch of pink for Valentine's day to add a glow of colour to the occasion.


Visit us in store to pick the perfect gift for your Valentine, or browse our collections online at burrells.co.uk - Happy Valentine's Day!


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