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An In-Depth Review Of The New TUDOR Glamour Double Date Watch Designs

Posted by Abbey Fender on Feb 28, 2019 10:01:06 AM

David Beckham Tudor Glamour Double Date

If you are at all familiar with the prestigious TUDOR watch brand, you will have heard of the TUDOR Black Bay and Pelagos models.

However, you must ensure that the TUDOR Glamour collection does not escape your attention, especially as it bursts back onto the scene with the new luxurious TUDOR Glamour Double Date model.



Tudor Glamour Double Date David Beckham 2Tudor Glamour Double Date David Beckham 2Recently revised and rejuvenated in design, the TUDOR Glamour collection embodies the tradition and elegance of TUDOR’s vision of fine watchmaking. This understated design offers a refined, sophisticated look, but never fails to incorporate TUDORS renowned attention to detail. 

Launched in Hong Kong with brand ambassador David Beckham, the Glamour Double Date model is available in a vast array of dial combinations. There are twenty-two different options, including an assortment with diamond embellishment for those of you who like a little sparkle on your watch.

Beckham wears the champagne coloured dial model, complete with steel and yellow gold bracelet and diamonds. Burrells reference: 6928133



The Glamour Double Date offers a diverse collection within the dress watch division, as there are multiple combinations of design for you to choose from.

From different bezels, faces, bracelets and accenting detail, you are certain to find a Glamour Double Date model for you. Let's take a look at all the striking combinations available to our TUDOR collectors and fans.



The prestigious TUDOR detailing begins with the distinctive double bezel, for a slight drop in height creates noticeable, characteristic edges that extend to the curves of the 42mm polished casing, creating a refined yet classic look.

The bezel is available in either:

  • steel
  • steel and yellow gold

Both these options can be viewed below on two beautiful models, showcasing how such a smooth and subtle approach can really transform the aesthetic of a timepiece.










        The Steel and Yellow Gold Bezel                                              The Steel Bezel

           Burrells Reference: 6928133                                         Burrells Reference: 6928132




Both these metal options are also available in the bracelet strap (as featured above), although there is additionally a choice of a brown genuine alligator leather strap for a softer approach.


All bracelets feature a steel folding safety clasp, which blends perfectly with whichever bracelet or bezel option you choose. This variety in style really highlights how diverse the Glamour Double Date watch can be!




The brown genuine alligator strap - Burrells Reference: 6928142




Moving onto the dial of the watch, you will be delighted to know this watch is available with 4 different dial variations.

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Champagne
  • Opaline 

Upon closer examination of the dial, you can see that it is comprised of two detailed circle rings. A decorative sun ray finish has been applied to the spanning outer ring, while the central medallion features subtle vertical lines.

Tudor Glamour Double Date lifestyle 7

TUDOR Glamour Double Date with the champagne coloured dial.

Burrells Reference: 6928133

The discreet textures of the dial manage to catch the light without overwhelming the watch face, which highlights the craftsmanship and thoughtful nature of the design. Located at 12 o’clock is the large double window date display with the small seconds dial beating at the 6 o’clock position.




Never a brand for overlooking the detail, TUDOR has spoilt us with offering 4 different hour marker options:

  • Opaline with blue indexes
  • Black with rhodium-plated or yellow gold-plated markers
  • Champagne coloured with yellow gold-plated hour markers
  • Silver with yellow gold-plated hour markers

For an extra touch of finesse, the rhodium plated and the yellow gold plated markers can also be featured with diamonds on the hour points. Except of course for the prestigious 12 hour mark which is symbolised by the TUDOR's iconic logo.

Our full range can of course be viewed online here, but we've also showcased four of our favourites below to give you an idea of these different marker options.









     Blue indexes on an opaline dial                             Rhodium-plated indexes on a black dial

       Burrells Reference: 6928131                                       Burrells Reference: 6928149



      Yellow gold plated indexes on a                              Yellow gold plated diamond indexes 

                champagne dial                                                          on a silver dial

         Burrells Reference: 6928135                                       Burrells Reference: 6928146


It's also fantastic to note that these marker options have scope to be mixed and matched with our range of dial backgrounds too, to truly create a TUDOR watch tailored to you. For example, the black dial can feature either rhodium plated or yellow gold plated markers, and these options are available with or without diamonds.

With so many variations, there is most certainly going to be a design or two that takes your fancy! Let’s take a closer look at the intricate detailing of this model, which makes it such a sensational timepiece.




A new high-performance Manufacture Calibre MT5641 has been developed for the Glamour Double Date model and for the first time, a TUDOR Manufacture Calibre has a small second’s hand, as well as an instantaneous date change at midnight.

As with all TUDOR Manufacture Calibres, the MT5641 was purpose built for robustness, longevity and reliability.

The three key features are certainly qualities you would expect from a luxury watch, and you can therefore have faith that your TUDOR Glamour Double Date timepiece will be a sound investment.

MT5641 Movement

Adorned with 32 jewels, this movement measures 33.8mm in diameter and 7.41mm in thickness

Additionally, this automatic movement has a power reserve of approximately 70 hours and a frequency of 28,800 beats per hour. Equally as impressive is the fact that this Swiss Chronometer has been officially certificated by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute), so you can be confident in the quality of this piece. 

Tudor Glamour Double Date lifestyle 10A stunning insight to the Manufacture Calibre through the transparent case back

In a rare occurrence for TUDOR, the magnificent finishes of this precise Manufacture Calibre are visible through a transparent case back. This is a beautiful piece of design, as you can see the intricate mechanical notes of the piece, allowing you an insight into the architecture of the movement.

Boasting a 70-hour power reserve, the Glamour Double Date is ideal for short business travel or weekend trips away.

Unmistakable design and functioning, combined with TUDOR’s renowned precision and robustness, ensures the new distinguished Glamour Double Date model steps out of the shadows and proudly presents itself in a notable new light.

Blog CTA - TUDOR GDD (1)

At present, we are unable to sell TUDOR through our website, however our full range can be viewed online and enquiries to view in store when available can be made through our website here. At the moment we provisionally expect arrival for the full collection in early 2019.


If you're in the market for a TUDOR watch, but unsure if the Glamour Double Date is the one for you, this fabulous Youtube video featuring our Watch Expert Phillip, gives you the lowdown on all the different collections TUDOR have to offer. 







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