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Entries related to: gemstones

The June Birthstone - A Closer Look At The Radiant Pearl

The beautiful pearl is the birthstone of June, and is the only gemstone made by living creatures. If you or a loved one are born in June, let us give you some background on the amazing pearl.
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The Emerald Birthstone  - Celebrating May

Ancient folklore believed that placing an emerald under your tongue would make it possible to see into the future. Emeralds were used as good luck talismans and as a negative spirit deterrent, however now they make for the perfect birthday gift for those of us born in May! Let's take a closer look at the history and beauty of the enchanting emerald!  
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Diamond - The Iconic April Birthstone

If you are born in the month of April, you are lucky enough to have a birthstone that is perhaps the most iconic gemstone in the world… Diamond! Diamonds are beautiful sought after stones due to their scintillation and beauty. Although diamonds have become a popular gemstone for engagement rings in recent times, other pieces of jewellery with these amazing stones are equally as precious. Diamonds don't have to just be for weddings, why not gift them for a special birthday?  
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Aquamarine - A dive into the March Birthstone

Birthday shopping for March babies is a breeze with the gorgeous aquamarine gemstone!  
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