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Ro Copenhagen arrives as the new brand at burrells

Posted by Burrells on Jul 25, 2019 2:15:16 PM

RoCo 09 (2)

It wouldn't be summer if we didn't add something new to our brand collection, which is why we are delighted to introduce you to Ro Copenhagen. A intensely elegant and sophisticated brand in both design and materials used, Ro Copenhagen adds a delicate luxury to the Burrells portfolio.

You can expert to find beautiful earrings, pendant, ring and bracelets with Ro Copenhagen, with each piece set in 18ct white or yellow gold. Many pieces are additionally adorned with gemstones such as diamonds, green beryls or aquamarine stones, to add either a gentle glint of sparkle or a bolder colour hue. 


- Take a closer look at all the Ro Copenhagen available at Burrells online here -

The most beautiful feature of Ro Copenhagen is the diamond set into every piece of their jewellery. Even if the piece is of sheer gold detailing, you will be able to find a diamond set into the jewellery at some point in the design.

There are many different collections within Ro Copenhagen, all elegant in their design but with different inspirational roots. Let's take a closer look at some of these pieces available at Burrells. 



It isn't a surprise that this collection, infused with green and blue gemstones, is inspired by the Northern Lights. For a striking yet feminine touch, the stones are all baguette cut to create dramatic lines and an understated feel to the jewellery. 

RoCo 12 (2)

- Pictured is the gorgeous Aquamarine Nord Bracelet with the matching Aquamarine Nord Ring -

We love how these pieces work so well on their own but are also available to buy as matching pieces, which allows you to tailor your purchases to your unique style.

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Being available in both yellow or white gold, gives you even more options when it comes to stylish pieces from this Icelandic collection. 


fryd collection

Perhaps the most unusual and unique collection from Ro Copenhagen is the Fryd Collection. Where a designer's imagination has no limitations, the Fryd collection includes jewellery made of flowing, elongated shapes. Effortlessly understated yet enchanting, you can expect to find pallets of blue combined with warm golden tones or crisp silver shades.


- Pictured are the Baroque Pearl Fryd Pendant and the White Drop Fryd Pendant alongside understated Diamond Fryd Earrings

Sparkle is bold in this collection, with larger blue gemstones standing out strong. Our favourite feature is how you can customise your look using the Fryd Diamond Wave Earring as a foundation, while adding a combination of different pendant drops to create your personal earring style.

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A lot of the earrings are purchased individually, to encourage us to tailor our jewellery to our unique style. 


My collection

A timeless design across all styles of jewellery, is the personal touch created through letter iconography. Ro Copenhagan adopt a soft and minimalist approach to their letter designs, to allow the personal symbolism of each letter to shine through.


- Mix and match your letters for a truly enchanting look. Shop the My Collection range here -

Often associated with a sentimental person in your life, or to commemorate a special moment in time, these letters are often the jewellery pieces we keep closest to our hearts. 

RoCo 10 (2)

- Put your initials on a necklace chain, for example the 18ct Gold 'A' Pendant or the 18ct Gold 'E' Pendant -

The luxurious feel of the 18ct white or yellow gold, is further enhanced by the delicate diamond set into the side of the letter jewellery. This personal touch from Ro Copenhagen into their jewellery, only make the significance of letter jewellery even stronger.

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Rock collection

Style the classic jewellery 'rock' with delicate diamonds, which strongly appear throughout this collection. Edgy designs are elevated with diamond detailing, yet are simplistic and elegant to the eye. 

RoCo 01 (2)

- Pictured is the understated Rock Pave Diamond Earrings

Layering is a strong concept when looking at the Rock Collection, for many pieces can be stacked together to create a look built up of a scattered assortment of diamonds. Whether your opt for the subtle singular diamond or feel drawn to a memorising cluster of stones, these pieces are certain to match every outfit and every occasion.

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It's a very simple collection: 18ct gold and diamonds! It's certainly on our favourite choices. 


what do you think?

This is only a small insight to the Ro Copenhagen range available at Burrells. To see all the pieces across all the collections we have in store, or to find out more information please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Currently available in the Winchester store or our online website, take a moment today to browse the Ro Copenhagen Collection for yourself and discover a piece of personal luxury. 





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