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Your Ultimate Guide ON Pink Diamonds

Posted by Natasha Still on Mar 1, 2019 4:38:46 PM


Congratulations, you’ve just been proposed to and you’ve always wanted that beautiful pink diamond engagement ring. Or perhaps it's finally the time to indulge in a little pink luxury? Aesthetically beautiful and timeless in jewellery history, when it comes to picking the perfect pink diamond, there are certainly many elements to consider.

A rare gemstone such as the pink diamond is often accompanied by many questions, and this blog post will help you become an expert on this gorgeous statement stone. We will cover all common queries such as different stone qualities, different ring style options and also how to care for your pink diamond. Let's get started!


SO, What is a Pink Diamond?

Aside from visually being pink in colour, a pink diamond is technically known as a fancy colour diamond. This is a generic term that is used to describe a diamond of colour in the jewellery industry.

Pink diamonds are graded according to the intensity and strength of colour. Pink is understandably the main colour that the eye identifies, however secondary colours or overtones such as purple, brown or orange can influence the overall shade of pink within the stone.

Pink diamonds have been discovered in small numbers all around the world in countries including Brazil, Indonesia and Tasmania. However the most regular productions are by the Argyle mine in northern Australia and are considered the most valuable!



How does a Pink Diamond get its iconic colour?

There are three main methods to obtain a pink diamond’s colouring, and each can greatly affect the final shade of pink on the stone.


TYPE 1: Natural Diamonds 

True to its name, these diamonds have been created organically and have obtained their unique pink hue without human intervention. Even until this day though, understanding exactly how they obtain their pink colour is still a mystery!

It is mostly regarded that when the diamonds are embedded in the earth’s crust, intense heat and pressure cause their crystal lattice to distort and absorb a particular band of green light rays.


Type 2: Enhanced diamonds

This is a diamond that has been altered from its natural state by a scientific process. They use colour enhancement treatments like artificial irradiation or exposing the diamond to radiation, followed by high pressure and high-temperature treatments to alter the colour.


Type 3: Coated diamonds

This method of treatment dates back to the Georgian period. A small coloured piece of film is applied to the diamond, often on the pavilion section. A tell-tale sign is if you look through a magnifying loupe you should be able to see trapped air bubbles on the coloured film.

Another form of coating is the use of a simulated diamond closer to that of the real diamond's molecular structure. With this method, a thin film of laboratory-grown diamond is applied to the surface. This makes it strong and resilient.

AdobeStock_131261361Important note: Any form of surface coating or colour enhancing must be disclosed by any reputable retailer.


How much does a pink diamond cost?

This a really tricky question to answer, for pink diamonds come in a variety of intensities, weight and shapes. Not unlike the traditional white diamonds we all know and love, pink diamonds are also valued on their carat, colour, clarity and cut. For more information, take a look at our informative ultimate guide on the 4 C's of diamonds that will explain the difference between these terms.the pink star diamond

Add to the mix that pink diamonds are a particularly rare stone to find, they will have additional factors to consider when it comes to their price. Each individual pink diamond will tell their own story, which makes each one unique to value.

Some pink diamonds are famous for their clarity, carat weight and auction history. Such as the 59.60ct Pink Star Diamond (image right) that sold for a staggering $71.2 million in 2017! Deemed to be internally flawless, meaning that it had no internal inclusions, the Pink Star is certainly one for the jewellery history books.  

Specifically for pink diamonds, the Argyle colour grading system is a great guide to help you visualise the different attributes of hue/saturation and tone that a professional jeweller looks out for. 

argyle colour chart pink diamonds

This grades the popular pink colouring on a scale of 1-9 to determine how brilliant in colour each stone is, and thus adds to how valuable the stone will be overall. 


What are popular ring styles with Pink Diamonds?

Of course, any jewellery is a very personal choice; therefore there is no right or wrong way to style your pink diamond. However if you’re after a little guidance from tradition, I can certainly help you there!

Usually pink diamonds are set with white diamonds to enhance the beauty of the colour.  Choosing a pink diamond exudes class, creativity and beauty and will surely stand out amongst your ring wardrobe.

I have three recommendations for making that pink diamond shine as a centrepiece:



Personally, I favour a classic trilogy ring for its simplicity and beauty. You can even add more warmth to the design by opting for a rose gold and platinum setting. Both metal choices compliment and highlight pink diamonds beautifully.

Whether the pink diamonds are the centrepiece or the framing stones, is completely up to you!hartmanns pink diamond triology ring

This stunning trilogy ring is from Hartmanns Jewellers in Copenhagen.




If you are more of a sparkly jewellery person, I would recommend a cluster or halo design to show off the pink diamond’s true beauty. There are many different centrepiece diamond cuts to choose, with popular choices being solitaire or princess cut stones. For more information, take a look at our ultimate guide on diamond cuts.

You can then add more sparkle with one or multiple halo rings, and even adorn the sides of the band with diamonds too.

boodles pink diamond cluster ring

Sensational in sparkle, this ring is from Boodles in Northern Ireland




Sometimes though the classic and timeless styles can be the perfect choice. You can ensure your pink diamond stands proud by setting it by itself, with either a plain band or some subtle sparkle that doesn't overpower the main centrepiece. ageniuswithgems pink diamond ring

Timeless and elegant, this pink diamond is from Bruce Robinson Diamonds in Australia



Where can I buy a pink diamond?

Any luxury retailer will be able to source a pink diamond and their staff should be able to confidently explain all the different types and styles. They may only have one in store to show you when you first visit as they are quite rare.

Don’t be too disheartened as it is an opportunity for you to get a range in on approval from their trustworthy suppliers, which can meet your specific requirements.

Here at Burrells you can work alongside our Head Goldsmith Sarel Du Plessis, who has a gift for creating the bespoke jewellery you have always wanted. Book a consultation here.


How do I look after my pink diamond?

Enhanced coloured diamonds can be cleaned just like regular white diamonds using steam, an ultrasonic, or a soft babies toothbrush with some standard washing up liquid.

AdobeStock_233486246For a full step-by-step guide, please see our handy blog post here on cleaning diamonds.

It is also a common old wife’s tale to use gin to clean your diamonds. Although this will get rid of the dirt, I advise it's best to be drunk with a slice of lemon, chilled tonic and crushed ice as opposed to used as jewellery cleaner!

If your ring needs to be sized, I recommend that you treat it like an emerald.  The pink diamond needs to be protected from direct exposure to high temperatures as it is a very precious stone with its delicate colouring.

Coated diamonds are often only coated on their pavilion side. This means that it is virtually impossible to accidentally rub or scrape off. These types of diamonds can also be cleaned like a white diamond but require extra care when sizing a ring or remounting the stone.




You are now ready to go out and hit the town to choose your pink diamond ring. My advice would be to trust the retailer and your instincts. When trying on the rings, if you are the slightest bit unsure then it’s a no.  There are so many breath-taking pink hues to suit your personal taste, so don't rush the decision!

Your pink diamond ring should be special and perfect for you, so take your time and enjoy the experience. You deserve it!


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