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Why are Swiss Watches the Best?

Switzerland is famous for fine chocolate and celebrated watches. In fact, for many watch lovers, or ‘horologists’, merely the mention of a Swiss Made watch is exciting! But what does Swiss Made mean, and why are Swiss watches the best?
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The 5 Best Women's Luxury Watches

A beautiful luxury watch is a timeless investment. More than jewellery, more than a functional accessory, it is the ultimate statement piece. That special something extra that adds instant polish to any outfit.
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5 Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity engagement rings are some of the most dazzling and iconic pieces of jewellery ever made.
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How Much Does a 1 Carat Diamond Cost? A Comprehensive Breakdown

1 carat seems to be the magic number when it comes to diamonds. This is the size that is often cited as being 'just right' for an engagement ring or other important jewellery.
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Is a Bigger Diamond Always Better? Here’s What You Need to Know

Selecting your perfect diamond can feel a little overwhelming. Do you choose the biggest stone in the display? The one that sparkles the brightest? Or simply the one that makes your heart beat a little faster?
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How are Diamonds Made?

Marilyn taught us that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and more than half a century after she performed her iconic role in ‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’, this sentiment still rings true. The unmistakable sparkle of a diamond brings out the magpie in all of us and they remain the most popular stone to propose marriage with.
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Round Brilliant vs Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Symbolic of love and commitment, the diamond is desirable to both ladies and gentlemen. And when does a diamond take on the starring role? In an engagement ring, of course!
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The 4 Best Watch Shops in Winchester

When it comes to watch buying there is no question too big or small. From explaining the difference between mechanisms to helping customers to pick out the perfect gift, Burrells is always on hand to provide answers and support.  One question that our customers sometimes ask is “Where are other places I can buy a great watch in Winchester?” The fact is, customers like to shop around and, on occasion, choose another specialist shop for their watch purchase. We understand this and are committed to being open and transparent about both our business and the wider industry. 
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Certified Diamond vs Non-Certified Diamond Engagement Rings

Our family company has over 40 years’ experience handling engagement rings. As a result, we are often asked, “what is the difference between certified and non-certified diamonds?” and “which diamond would be best for my engagement ring?”
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7 Signs Your Watch Needs a Service

Luxury watches are designed and built to last a lifetime, and their price tickets reflects this. However, they do require a little maintenance if they’re to stay in shape. Most watch brands will have a service interval that they recommend and in many cases this is required to keep up the guarantee.
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