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Designing Your Own Jewellery: Here’s What to Expect

More and more of us are choosing the bespoke route when it comes to luxury goods. From sofas to handbags and engagement rings, we’re looking for something that is unique and one of a kind. Pietro Beccari, president and CEO of Fendi, said recently, “In our era, customisation is the ultimate expression of luxury.” “We are combining our client’s needs of luxurious exclusivity with the Maison’s perfect blend of tradition and innovation.”
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Art Deco: 2018's Hottest Jewellery Trend

Coco Chanel draped in Art Deco jewellery   The Art Deco period was a time of high fashion and enormous social change. Spanning the 1910s into the 1930s, Art Deco embraced a huge melting pot of ideas and aesthetics that came together to create one of history’s most iconic looks.
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A Simple Guide to the 3 Main Watch Movements

Cogs, springs, hands, crystals - this seemingly random selection of hardware can be utilised to create remarkable and intricately beautiful watch movements. But how do they work and which one is best for your lifestyle?
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What Are the Different Parts of a Watch? - A Beginners Guide

You’re looking to buy your first watch, and have narrowed your search down to a few final contenders.  You turn to the product descriptions for help with your final decision, but suddenly you’re confused. “What does this all mean?!”
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A Brief History of Rolex - The Early Years

Are you interested in Rolex watches and want to find out more about the history behind this iconic brand?
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This is Your Ideal Watch According to Your Star Sign (Women's)

  Whether you’re looking to buy a watch for yourself or someone else, it’s important to find one that feels right. You want to slip the bracelet on and think “I’ve found it!”
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50 Surprise Proposal Ideas: The Ultimate List for Popping the Question

Photo credit: www.howheasked.com   Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.
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10 Best Men's Luxury Dress Watches

One timepiece every style-conscious man should have in his collection is a great dress watch. With the rise of luxury sport and utility watches, it’s all too easy to overlook this men’s style staple but you definitely shouldn’t. This discreet and traditional style of watch remains the mark of a true gentleman.
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Why You Should Choose Pearls for Your Wedding

While diamonds may be a girl's best friend, pearls have a timeless elegance that is unmatched. Their understated beauty makes them the ultimate bridal accessory. The gem of the sea can be your something old, something new, something borrowed, and even your something blue!
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Three-Stone Engagement Rings: Why They’re the Hottest Trend of 2018

Photo credit: Alexi Lubomirski / Kensington Palace    It was the legendary French designer, Coco Chanel, who said: “fashion fades, only style remains the same.” In today’s market, and as the world of fast fashion whirls around us, these words continue to carry the truth.
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