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The Great Hall in Winchester provided the perfect Tudor setting for an evening to celebrate the new luxury TUDOR watches, unveiled at Baselworld 2019.
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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Ring

Your wedding day is one of those moments you will never forget, where you exchange rings to symbolise your commitment to your partner. Often the jewellery focus is on the sparkling engagement ring, however the wedding band is just as important. Both rings need to work harmoniously together, as they will be paired side by side for the rest of your married life.
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Top 10 Watches for Men at Burrells

To celebrate National Watch Day on the 19th June, we thought it was the perfect occasion to highlight the top 10 popular men's watches available at Burrells. All these watches have created a buzz of excitement, through their unique features or simply due to their demand amongst watch collectors.
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Baselworld 2019 boldly introduced new designs, concepts and innovation to the watch world, with many brands showcasing their upcoming pieces to the industry. Highly anticipated as always, were the pieces that TUDOR would reveal and they certainly did not disappoint!
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The June Birthstone - A Closer Look At The Radiant Pearl

The beautiful pearl is the birthstone of June, and is the only gemstone made by living creatures. If you or a loved one are born in June, let us give you some background on the amazing pearl.
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Our gift guide for your 25th wedding anniversary

Your 25th Wedding anniversary is no small milestone and shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a celebration between two people that have committed to each other for at least a quarter of a century, which is a relationship goal to aspire to. It’s certainly a reason to gift a little jewellery!
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The Emerald Birthstone  - Celebrating May

Ancient folklore believed that placing an emerald under your tongue would make it possible to see into the future. Emeralds were used as good luck talismans and as a negative spirit deterrent, however now they make for the perfect birthday gift for those of us born in May! Let's take a closer look at the history and beauty of the enchanting emerald!  
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A Review On The New TUDOR Black Bay P01

Basel world 2019 is always a highly anticipated event for avid watch enthusiasts and collectors, as it’s often the hub for new releases to be unveiled to the world. Excited whispers were circling on social media platforms surrounding a new TUDOR Submariner model, and everyone’s attention was focused towards hearing more! TUDOR certainly did not disappoint, as they instead revealed a brand-new dive watch, the TUDOR Black Bay P01.
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Ania Haie Jewellery Arrives At Burrells

New brand alert! As 2019 continues to bring us surprises, we also welcome a new fresh brand into our Burrells stores – cue Ania Haie! This London-based, contemporary jewellery brand will be sure to lure you in with its variety of intricate and alluring designs.
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How Do The Facets In The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Create Its Famous Sparkle?

Investing your money into a diamond is a big step. There is so much to know and learn about diamonds to make sure you’re getting the best quality and the right look that you desire. Some diamonds are cut to sparkle, whereas others are cut to shine. If you're after a diamond with both these characteristics, then look no further than the round brilliant cut diamond!  
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