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The Collector's Guide to Breitling Watches

Since the brand was founded in 1884, Breitling has been at the forefront of complicated yet practical timepieces, often favoured by pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. Breitling has a rich and influential history and as the brand continues to alter and develop in this modern age, its DNA is not only recognisable within Breitling but throughout Swiss watchmaking as a whole.
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Our New State of the Art Watch Workshop

There are very few things in this world, outside of the body, that work as hard, or to such exacting standards as a mechanical watch movement. At its heart is the escapement, the part of the movement that is responsible for time keeping. It converts the energy of the main spring to the movement and regulation of the hands, constantly ensuring time keeping accuracy.
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Why your next purchase should be an Omega watch

Some luxury watch brands are made for the limelight. Some just get on with the business in hand. Welcome to the unparalleled excellence of Omega watches. Quietly marking time for over 160 years, Omega has always been the last word in precise, elegant and understated excellence. Like the brand’s symbol, representing the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega is shorthand for a sense of resolve: for the satisfaction of a job well done.
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8 Questions to ask before buying a vintage watch

Nothing tells a story like a vintage watch. Time capsules from another age, they’re exquisite examples of the watchmaker’s art - with a character and style all their own.
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Everything you Need to Know About Dress Watches

A great watch makes a lasting impression. When you are dressed to impress, for a company dinner, or a day at the races, you don’t need a watch that can still function under-water at 50m. And chances are, you won’t need a watch with a compass to find your way to your seat at dinner. You need an elegant, classic dress watch that makes the right impression.
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New vs Pre-Owned Watches - Which Is the Better Buy?

Buying a luxury timepiece can be an expensive and often overwhelming experience. There are so many options to consider, variables to balance, models and brands to explore. 
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How To Buy a Pre-Owned Watch

Watches are the ultimate collectible; fascinating, beautiful and a showcase for precision engineering. It is little wonder then, that the market for second-hand watches is booming. Whether you have a passion for vintage fashion, an obsession with timepieces or just a favourite model that you must get your hands on – the pre-owned market could be the answer. It should, however, be approached with a little caution.
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5 Tips for Investing in Luxury Watches

  A luxury watch isn’t just a thing of beauty - it’s the ultimate expression of the very best engineering, design and tradition. When you invest in craftsmanship and quality, you’re buying into something that’s elevated above the transience of fashion. In other words, this is no impulse buy - so you need to get it right. No pressure, then.
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Montblanc Summit Smartwatch: Everything you Need to Know

Traditional Swiss watch brands are beginning to embrace the digital world and Montblanc’s new Summit Smartwatch is a ground-breaking leap forward. The launch came hot on the heels of TAG Heuer’s second-generation Modular 45 smartwatch and it’s really impressed us.
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