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Marco Bicego: Golden Glamour for Every Occasion

Posted by Susanne Moschini on May 18, 2018 1:49:11 PM


Marco Bicego is an Italian jewellery brand with beautiful craftsmanship at its heart. Inspired by the rich cultures of exotic destinations, designs are handcrafted in 18K gold and often feature sparkling diamonds and meticulously-sourced coloured gemstones.

Italian artisans carefully craft each piece at the Trissino headquarters in Italy, using ancient techniques. The brand’s signature is ‘bulino’ engraving – which gives gold a fine, brushed texture.

Read on to find out about the history of the brand, how it is made, the stories behind each collection and the celebrities that are seen wearing it.


What’s the History of the Brand?

Marco Bicego (pronounced bee-che-go), the man behind the award-winning Italian jewellery brand (which takes his name), was always destined to create fine jewellery.

Marco is from Trissino, near Vicenza, which is renowned for its tradition of goldsmithing. In 1958, his father, Guiseppe Bicego, founded a small workshop specialising in gold chains.

After many years as an apprentice with his father, learning the skill of working with gold, Marco launched his own jewellery line in 2000. Today his beautiful pieces are worn by the most glamorous celebrities and can be found in the finest boutiques all around the world.

Every Bicego piece is handcrafted in Trissino, Marco’s hometown. In an interview with The Jewellery Editor recently, Marco said “craftsmanship is fundamental for me and for the brand. What has never changed and never will is that each and every piece of Marco Bicego jewellery is crafted by hand by my artisans in our headquarters.”


Jewellery Designer Marco Bicego with family at his workshop

Marco Bicego with his son and father, Guiseppe Bicego


What Inspires Marco Bicego?

Marco finds inspiration in nature and the architecture around him, particularly when travelling. The majority of his collections are inspired by the countries and cities he’s visited, including Africa, Cairo, Jaipur and Murano, to name a few.

Marco is also greatly inspired by the women who wear his jewellery. The Marco Bicego woman has a contemporary style and is not afraid to experiment with jewellery in unconventional ways, especially layering. “I create comfortable jewels in a modern style that are easy to wear everyday,” explains Bicego.

The pieces are crafted in organic shapes and are made to adapt to the natural curves of the body. “My ultimate satisfaction is when I see a woman wearing my jewels as if they are an essential part of her - something she never removes.”


Women wearing beautiful Marco Bicego gold jewellery


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The Craftmanship – Three Signature Hallmarks

When it comes to the craftsmanship of Marco Bicego jewellery, there are three signature hallmarks – hand engraving, the coil technique and multicoloured gemstones. Marco says, "my collections stand out for their exclusive manufacturing techniques, passed down to me by my father." We love that Marco uses ancient techniques to create modern, innovative jewellery.


Marco Bicego Headquarters in Trissino, Italy

The Marco Bicego Headquarters in Trissino, Italy

Photo credit: Malalan


Hand Engraving

Marco Bicego gold has a one of a kind, silk-like sheen, which is iconic to the brand and really sets it apart.

To create this fine, brushed texture, Marco’s artisans use an ancient tool called The Bulino to engrave hundreds of lines onto the surface of the metal. Bulino comes from the Italian word burin, meaning to engrave. We love how tactile the feel and finish is.

Because each Marco Bicego piece is carefully hand-etched, every item of jewellery is truly unique. No two pieces will be exactly the same. We like to think of it like the varying patterns of a fingerprint. 


The signature Marco Bicego Bulino technique


The Coil Technique

The hand twisted coil (created by using the corda di chitarrais technique) is another hallmark of the brand, bringing a contemporary “twist” to the timeless elegance of gold.

The Italian artisans take a thick strand of gold and wrap 18K gold thread tightly around it, creating a graceful spiral effect. The coil can be manipulated into various shapes and finishes and is a distinctive element of a number of Marco’s collections, including Marrakech, Goa and Cairo.


The signature Marco Bicego coil technique


Multicoloured Gemstones

Marco Bicego is also synonymous for exquisite natural gemstones, which are placed in eclectic combinations.

Beautiful stones like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines and semi-precious gemstones such as topaz, amethyst and quartz, are sourced from around the world, hand-selected and all hand-crafted at the Headquarters in Italy.

Marco says, "I personally take a lot of care and am very passionate in the choice and composition of each and every stone chosen for the creation of my fine jewellery. The delicate hues and different shades of our exclusively cut, natural gemstones deliver one-of-a-kind individuality to each piece of jewellery."

When designing the pieces, Marco explains, "I have gems of different colours and shapes in front of me, which I then lay side by side and look for interesting combinations."

Marco also takes great pride in the cut his stones - the Jaipur collection, for example, features multicoloured gemstones with an exclusive faceted rose-cut that is unique to the brand.

Marco jewellery can be made with bespoke colour combinations if requested.


Marco Bicego designing his jewellery, with gold and gemstones

Photo credit: Malalan


The Collections

Marco’s signature hand-engraved gold look runs through all of his collections, which are designed to be worn together. Below we’ll look at each collection and the key design features.


Jaipur Colour

Marco was inspired by the colourful city of Jaipur in India to create this collection. A playful mix of brightly coloured faceted gemstones is framed by luxurious hand-engraved 18K gold. The array of colour in these pieces means they will suit any outfit.

Marco Bicego Jaipur 18K Yellow Gold Mixed Gemstone Drop Earrings

Jaipur Colour

18K Yellow Gold Mixed Gemstone Drop Earrings

Ref: OB901-A MIX01 18Y




Jaipur Link 

This contemporary and fashion-led collection is composed of shining 18K yellow gold links, which are sometimes accented with sparkling diamonds. Scroll further down to see Fashion Influencer Louise Roe wearing the collection!

Marco Bicego Jaipur 18K Yellow Gold Link Small Knot Earrings

Jaipur Link

18K Yellow Gold Link Small Knot Earrings

Ref: OB938 Y 02





An enchanting assortment of multicoloured gemstones and 18K gold beads are threaded together to form an unmistakable and exotic Marco Bicego look.


Marco Bicego Paradise 18K Yellow Gold Mixed Gemstone Necklace


18K Yellow Gold Mixed Gemstone Necklace

Ref: CB765 MIX01 Y 02





This iconic Marco Bicego collection (which was Marco’s first range in 2000) is formed from hand-hammered and hand-twisted strands of gold created through Marco's signature 'corda di chitarra' technique. The silky gold designs are light and flexible and elegantly adapt to the curves of your body.

Marco Bicego Marrakech 18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Bangle


18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Bangle

Ref: BG337-S B YW M5





Inspired by the delicate shape of the Lunaria flower, this collection features silky 18K gold petals, which have been hand-engraved for the signature Marco Bicego finish. Some pieces feature alluring gemstone slices which are almost petal-thin.

Marco Bicego Lunaria 18K Yellow Gold Triple Drop Earrings


18K Yellow Gold Triple Drop Earrings

Ref: OB1349 Y 02





This collection, as the name suggests, is made up of petite designs in 18K gold, with the signature hand-engraved finish. They are delicate works of art, which make the perfect everyday accessory and look great layered with longer Marco Bicego necklaces from other collections. Delicati was inspired by Marco’s favourite collections.


Marco Bicego Delicati 18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Circle Link Pendant


18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Circle Link Pendant

Ref: CB1803 B YW Q6





Inspired by the ancient cobblestone streets of Seville, this is a subtly beautiful collection, featuring hand-engraved 18K gold “pebbles” in varying sizes and lengths.

Marco Bicego Siviglia 18K Yellow Gold & Diamond EarringsSiviglia

18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Earrings

Ref: OB1228 B YW Q6

POA - Approx. £1,883




Playfully contrasting different shades of gold with brilliant diamonds, this is statement collection, which has been crafted with Marco’s signature 'corda di chitarra' technique.

Marco Bicego Goa 18K White Gold Three Row Diamond Bracelet


18K White Gold Three Row Diamond Bracelet

Ref: BG617 B W 01





This collection is inspired by the Venetian sea and its colours and reflections at various times of the day, from dawn to dusk. These designs are bold and vibrant, with large semi-precious gemstones in an array of colours, set in 18K gold.

Marco Bicego Murano 18K Yellow Gold & Mixed Stone Drop EarringsMurano

18K Yellow Gold & Mixed Stone Drop Earrings

Ref: OB1129 MIX300 Y 02

POA - Approx. £3,000




The luxurious texture of this collection beautifully emulates the softness and lustre of silk. Pieces are crafted by meticulously wrapping fine gold thread around a woven gold core.


Marco Bicego Cairo 18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Three Strand Necklace


18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Three Strand Necklace

Ref: CG715 B YW M5





Luce means both ‘light’ and ‘luminous’ in Italian, and this collection truly embodies its name, with thin 18K gold silhouettes, often punctuated by diamonds.

Marco Bicego Luce 18K Yellow Gold Link Bracelet

Luce (Exclusive)

18K Yellow Gold Link Bracelet

Ref: BB2215 Y 02





Marco has taken inspiration from tribal jewellery for this collection, which features bold spheres in varying shapes and sizes. The 18K gold look is striking, but the pieces are surprisingly light and fluid. The signature textured finish emulates the soft dunes of the Sahara.

Marco Bicego Africa 18K Yellow Gold Drop Earrings


18K Yellow Gold Drop Earrings

Ref: OB1157 Y 02





Marco’s newest collection takes inspiration from jewellery worn by the African Masai tribe. Designs feature scintillating strands of diamonds, offset by hand-coiled gold. Marco has given tribal jewellery a glamorous makeover, and we love it.

Marco Bicego Masai 18K Yellow Gold Two Strand Crossover Diamond Bracelet


18K Yellow Gold Two Strand Crossover Diamond Bracelet

Ref: BG732 B YW M5




Which Celebrities Wear Marco Bicego?

Marco Bicego jewellery is continuously worn by the most glamorous celebrities, including:

  • Hilary Clinton
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Dakota Fanning
  • Jane Fonda
  • Carey Mulligan
  • Gillian Anderson
  • Louise Roe

These powerful women love to make a statement with Marco’s jewellery, both on the red carpet and in their everyday lives too. That’s the appeal of Bicego – it’s glamorous and makes a lovely statement at a black-tie event, but it doesn’t look out of place with casual outfits too. The brushed texture and organic shapes make it perfect for every time of day and occasion.




Which pieces is Louise wearing from the Jaipur Link Collection:


18K Yellow Gold Link Drop Earrings

Ref: OB940-P Y 02



18K Yellow Gold Link Bracelet

Ref: BB1349 Y 02



Ring unavailable




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What do you think of Marco Bicego?

Thank you for taking the time to read our post, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Marco Bicego. What’s your favourite collection? Let us know in the comments. If you have any other questions, we’d love to answer them. You can contact one of our jewellery experts here. To view our Marco Bicego collection, you can find your nearest store here. The brand will be available to shop on burrells.co.uk this summer... keep at eye out!


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