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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Ring

Posted by Helen Cardoso on Jun 20, 2019 11:34:31 AM

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Your wedding day is one of those moments you will never forget, where you exchange rings to symbolise your commitment to your partner. Often the jewellery focus is on the sparkling engagement ring, however the wedding band is just as important. Both rings need to work harmoniously together, as they will be paired side by side for the rest of your married life.

In the midst of so much choice, how exactly do you decide on the piece of jewellery that you will wear for a lifetime? 

To help you make this decision, we will take a look at everything that needs to be considered when choosing your perfect wedding ring - from weight and width, to metals and practicality. 


Which is the Best Wedding Ring Style for me?

Many people don’t know (until they come to make this decision), that traditional wedding rings come in a variety of shapes or ‘profiles’. By this, we mean that if you were to chop the ring in half, the cross-section of the metal would have a certain shape.

blog wedding band 14

We give different names to certain styles based on the roundness of the profile; Court, softened court, flat court or D-shape.


Traditional Court


The court shape is what many people will associate with a traditional wedding ring. The outside and inside profile of the ring are rounded.

This curved style is comfortable and also makes it easier to slip the ring on and off.



Softened Court


Softened court rings have a very similar profile to the court shape but with a less pronounced dome on the outside of the ring.

This outwardly flatter style sits somewhere between traditional and contemporary styles.




D-shape (as the name suggests) has a “D” profile. The ring has a rounded exterior, but the inside is flat to the finger.

This style is often chosen to sit with an engagement ring that has the same profile (or when a traditional appearance is desired, without the depth of the court shape).


Flat Court


The flat court is one of the most popular contemporary shapes. This style is the reverse of the D-shape. The exterior is flat, but the inside is domed to give a comfortable fit.

This style is often favoured by men who would like a different finish or external decoration, as the flat surface is an ideal canvas to get creative.


What About the Weight and Width of my Wedding Ring?


The Weight of Your Wedding Ring

Once the decision on shape has been made, think about how weighty you’d like your ring to be. Some people like the feel of a heavier ring, whereas some prefer a barely-there feel. Many traditional and flat court shape rings will be available in at least two weights.

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Lighter rings will sit more flush to the finger, whereas a standard or heavy court will sit in a prouder position. Very often the bride's engagement ring will dictate how thick the wedding ring can be. Many engagement rings are designed with the wedding ring in mind and will have a specially raised setting to accommodate it.


The Width of Your Wedding Ring

The width of the band is another thing to consider, as this significantly affects the overall look. Our wedding rings are available in 0.5 mm increments, from 2 mm up to 12 mm.

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Very often the bride's engagement ring will dictate how thick the wedding ring can be. Many engagement rings are designed with the wedding ring in mind and will have a specially raised setting to accommodate it. Sticking to the same fineness of metal will also prolong the life of both rings, as one will not wear down the other over the years.

Men's rings do tend to be on the wider side, with the most popular widths being 5mm or 6mm.


the shape of your wedding ring

You do need to consider how the wedding band will sit next to the engagement ring. For example, a straight wedding band may not sit flush against an engagement ring with a fancy stone setting. 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of F (2)

Here you can see the difference between the straight band and the unique shaped band. Although on their own, the unique shaped ring may look a little edgy, its design is genius when you consider the overall look on your finger when paired with your engagement ring.

The straight band can also be referred to as an eternity ring. It's becoming a strong fashion to have diamond on this band, but diamond or not, the design is very important.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of F

Here you can see how the unique shape of the wedding band is designed to fit seamlessly against the engagement ring. This makes the pairing a perfect match, and is certainly a factor to be considered when selecting your wedding band, if you have a fancy cut engagement ring.


Which Metal Should I Choose for my Wedding Ring?

There are three main colours when it comes to wedding bands: silver, gold or rose. However colour alone does not determine which metal is the best choice for your wedding band.

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Often the metal is matched to the engagement ring for ladies, but for the gentlemen you often get to be a little more creative!


SIlver Colouring



Copy of Copy of Copy of BROWSE OUR FULL RANGE OF DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS (1)-1Platinum is the most popular metal for wedding rings, because of its hardness and natural white colour (which will stay white forever and never need re-plating). Platinum rings are also hypo-allergenic, so are perfect for people with sensitive skin.



RINGSRising in popularity however is the use of palladium in wedding bands. Palladium is a member of the same group of metals as platinum, so it is very durable. It has the same hypo-allergenic properties and coveted bright white colour, which will never fade or need re-plating.

Palladium is a more affordable alternative to platinum, as it is not as rare. The only physical difference you’ll really notice between palladium and platinum is the weight. Platinum is a lot denser than palladium and almost twice as heavy.


White Gold

RINGS (1)White gold is a popular metal for wedding rings. The main advantage of white gold over platinum or palladium, is that it is much more affordable. The disadvantage of white gold is that you will need to re-­coat your ring in rhodium once or even twice a year, to maintain the bright white colouring.


yellow and rose colouring

Yellow Gold

RINGS (2)Yellow gold is a traditional option for wedding rings, which has become very popular in recent months. We offer at Burrells the option of 9ct, 14ct and 18ct rings.

Yellow gold is created by combining pure gold with copper and silver. Depending on what carat you choose, the colour and hardness of the ring will differ.

Rose Gold

RINGS (3)Unique and romantic, rose gold has a warm, pink hue created by combining yellow gold with a copper alloy. Rose gold often features in bi-coloured rings to offset the more traditional white or yellow gold.

Like yellow gold, depending on what carat you choose, the colour and hardness of the ring will differ.


Should I Choose a Plain or Diamond Set Wedding Ring?


Diamond set

The most important thing to consider here is your style. If you prefer a glamorous, bold look, a fashionable diamond set wedding ring will be perfect for you.

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There are lots of options available, from diamond shapes and settings, to full or half diamond bands. Diamonds are not just for brides either; more and more men are choosing diamond set wedding rings.


plain band

If your style is more classic and understated, a plain yet elegant wedding ring is the way to go. You can jazz it up a bit by choosing to have a patterned band. Adding a little texture to the metal is often a way to add character to the men's wedding band.

Angela Ward-Brown - Be More Burrells - The Hampshire Wedding Club - 2019 editorial shoot - high res - 413

Whatever you decide, be true to your own style, and don’t be swayed by trends. This is a ring you will wear for life.


Can I Design my Own Wedding Ring?

Yes you can! Here at Burrells we pride ourselves on our bespoke jewellery service. Do you have an engagement ring that is a little more unusual? Perhaps you are looking for a unique style of wedding ring? Designing your own ring, with the help of our master goldsmith Sarel might be the perfect idea for you.

Sarel Ring

Sarel Du Plessis has been with us for many years and loves nothing more than meeting with customers and talking over designs and ideas.

He can take your own jewellery and help you design it into something more suited to your style, or make the jewellery you have creatively dreamed of become a reality.

CAD Process-19

Sarel can also produce a computer-generated image of your wedding ring before it’s made, so you can be sure it will look exactly as you want it before the ring is put into commission.

This will let you see the piece from all angles and will be a true representation of the final completed design. At the next meeting with Sarel, you will be able to see the final designs, proceed the order and we will take any final finger measurements that might be required.

sarel du plessis bespoke burrells

It's the perfect service for a unique, one of a kind wedding band that you can treasure forever. For more information, click on Sarel above!


ready to find your perfect wedding band?

If you have any other questions about your wedding rings, our experts would love to help - you can get in contact here.

You can browse our stunning range of wedding rings in-store, over a glass of champagne. Book an appointment with one of our wedding ring specialists by clicking on the button below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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