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How Much Does it Cost to Resize a Ring?

Posted by Edward Ferris on Jun 13, 2018 2:20:09 PM

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Lost weight and found your rings slipping? Found a perfect vintage piece that just doesn’t fit? Been gifted a ring that’s far too small? Or maybe you just want to start wearing a ring on a different finger but it’s the wrong size. If you’ve ever needed a ring resized, you’re not alone and we can help.

At Burrells, we pride ourselves on our fabulous bespoke and remodelling service, where our expert goldsmiths can attend to all your jewellery adjustments and creative ideas. One of the most common enquiries is regarding ring resizing. In this blog post we will take a look at the two questions asked when a ring is too big or small:

  • Can it be resized?
  • How much will it cost?

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basic prices at burrells

These are our quick fire price guidelines for ring resizing. This is for rings being adjusted by 3 sizes up or down.


Silver rings

  • £35 - £40

Gold rings

  • 9ct gold £40 - £70
  • 18ct gold £40 - £110
  • 22ct gold £60 - £190

Platinum rings

  • £60 - £190

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What affects the price?

There are many factors that go into the cost of ring resizing, as normally no two rings are the same. Each piece has assets that need to be taken into consideration by our goldsmith, 


Is the Ring Silver, Gold or Platinum?

popupGenerally, the softer the metal the quicker it is to size a ring. Silver is the softest and platinum is the hardest, so as harder metals take more time with the goldsmith to craft, they tend to be more expensive.


What is the Purity of the Metal?

IMG-8486-1The higher the carat of gold, the more it will cost due to the material being more expensive. The carat weight is determined by how much gold content is in the metal, for example 18ct gold contains 75% gold, and 25% a mix of other alloys.


The Setting of the Ring

HE3_6074If there is a detailed setting (perhaps with a lot of stones), it may be tricky to work around the framework and will therefore take longer to resize.

We will be able to tell you whether it’s possible to re-size and what it will cost you, upon examining the piece in store.


when is a ring not able to be resized?

There are of course sadly situations where a ring cannot be resized due to it's design or the work requires. Let's take a look at the most common problems.


Full Eternity Rings

As full eternity rings have stones going the whole way around the band, they are almost impossible to resize. Any alteration made by a jeweller will distort the setting, weaken the setting of the stones and very likely damage the ring entirely. It is sometimes possible to have sizing beads added but only under the guidance of your goldsmith.


As with detailed settings, full eternity rings aren’t straightforward to size and you should expect to pay more because of the goldsmith’s labour costs, if he is able to do it at all.


What if my Ring Needs to go up or Down more than Three Sizes?

Often this is just not possible, due to the setting of the ring. Adjustments to this extent will distort the ring and cause any stone settings to be weakened. Even if this is a plain band, the ring will possibly appear oval in shape and be weakened after such a big change.

Sarel at Work-5

If the goldsmith determines that the ring can be resized, the cost will be affected by the  if it is, it will depend on the material, as above.


are there other options?

Yes! You don't always need to resize the ring to make a sizing adjustment. Let's take a look at the other options our goldsmith can offer, which may help with your ring size needs.

ring clips

Ring clips are little pieces of gold or silver which fit inside a ring to make it a tighter fit. They are a great way of being able to safely wear a ring for a special occasion, but will only last a few weeks, and so are not a long-term solution. They are fantastic for a quick fix, or perhaps for a piece of jewellery you only wear on occasion.


Sizing beads

Sizing beads are small metal balls permanently added to the inside of the ring. They can be a consideration in some circumstances, as they help to decrease the circumference of the ring on your finger. However they aren’t always easy to add and may not last the lifetime of the ring.


In Conclusion

The best advice if you have a ring that needs resizing is to talk to a jeweller to explore your options and get an idea of cost before you make any decisions.

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At Burrells we have our fantastic workshop in Kingston, managed by our very talented Head Goldsmith Sarel Du Plessis. You can of course come and discuss your needs at any of our four locations, who can advise you on the best way to proceed with your ring sizing.

sarel du plessis bespoke burrells

All our stores have qualified staff who can advise you on the best solution and price for your resizing. Additionally if your jewellery needs to travel to another store or to our workshop, it will be taken in person by a member of our team - we don’t use the post or couriers for extra security and care during transport.

If you have any more questions about sizing your ring, or jewellery in general, please do reach out to us and we would be delighted to assist you.








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