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Posted by Amanda-Jane Swain on Jan 15, 2019 11:03:26 AM


From ancient traditions to modern day style, the eternity ring has always been an iconic symbol of everlasting love and commitment. Alongside engagement and wedding rings, the eternity ring is a beacon in the jewellery industry and is often the sought after gift to commemorate a special occasion in a couples life.

There is no set price or approximate spend for an eternity ring; therefore the price is ultimately determined by two things:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • What stones, metal and design you are after?

The first point is entirely determined by yourself as the customer, and you'll be happy to know at Burrells we have a huge variety of eternity rings to tailor to all price ranges. The second point is something we can help you decide upon, based upon your creative ideas and your partner's personal style!

You can also find out more about eternity rings through our earlier blog post here.

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When do I buy an eternity ring?

Ultimately, an eternity ring is gifted to celebrate a special occasion in your relationship or commemorate a meaningful date in your lives together. Traditionally these occasions have often been to celebrate 10 years of marriage, or the birth of your first child; however, the most important feature is that the occasion is precious to you.

A more recent fashion trend is seeing couples choose an eternity ring as their wedding band. Traditionally the wedding band is free from stone embellishment, however, the desire for diamonds to accompany the iconic engagement ring is on the rise. It's another beautiful way to harmoniously bring two rings together, with the additional layer of diamonds for a touch of extra luxury. 


What is the price of an ETernity ring?

As with all jewellery, there is no set recommendation on how much you should spend, as the value of the piece will change depending on design, stone selection, metal quality and many other personal preferences.

The best advice we can provide is to give you the knowledge of what prices to expect for different models, materials and craftsmanship. The cost of an eternity ring will be dependent on what precious metal you chose, and the weight and quality of the diamonds or other exceptional gemstones that are set in the ring.



As you can see from our useful Carat guide here, diamonds and gemstones come in a variety of different sizes. Diamond value varies depending on the quality and size of the stones, often referencing the 4 C’s of diamonds - Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut.

You will want to carefully consider what calibre of diamonds you want in your eternity ring, for the price will vary depending on the quality and size of your stones. Generally speaking, the larger and better quality of the stones, then the more expensive they will be - but they will also add greater value to your eternity ring.


Ask Adam about diamonds


How do I create the perfect eternity ring?

Many couples decide to come together to choose an eternity ring, for this way it can be selected and tried on so that it sits perfectly next to the wedding and engagement rings. You can then enjoy choosing the perfect ring together: another shared experience that will hold precious memories in the future.


The style can then be harmonious and allow your eternity ring to complement the other rings on your partner's fingers. I would always recommend choosing the same precious metal and picking up some design elements already present in the wedding band and engagement ring. For example, if you have an engagement ring featuring princess cut diamonds, then a channel set eternity band with the same cut of diamonds would complement this perfectly.

For more advice on choosing a precious metal, take a look at our blog post that compares them for you here.

Additionally, you need to decide if you want to opt for a full eternity ring or a half eternity ring. A full eternity ring has stones going the whole way around the band of metal, however, the half eternity only covers the top half of the ring, leaving the band that goes underneath your finger plain. 

As the stones are only worn on the front of the hand, this also affords them some protection against being knocked and as a result damaging the settings. A full eternity ring with stones going all the way around is, of course, the ultimate symbol of everlasting love.


If you’re feeling brave and want to surprise your partner with a beautiful ring that you have chosen yourself, I also have some great advice to help you pick the perfect design.


Tip 1

Try to take a picture of your partner's rings on your phone or having a good look so you can describe them to us. The more we know about their existing jewellery and style, the better we will be able to create a matching piece.


Tip 2

Try to get a friend or family member to ask some subtle questions to help guide you without being too obvious. Finding out if there are any specific gemstones or styles that have caught your partners eye can help inspire you when designing the eternity ring.


tip 3

Ring size can be the hardest detail to find out - asking your intended directly can give away the element of surprise! Our ring size chart may be helpful in figuring this out, however, if you are at all unsure on the size, I would recommend a half eternity ring. These can be easily resized to fit perfectly if an adjustment is needed, and this alternation is not possible with a full eternity ring.



Sizing can be the most challenging judgement if you aren’t aware of your partner’s ring size, but at Burrells we do our best to make this part of the process more relaxed. A full eternity ring cannot be sized, but we would suggest you take an average size, give the present and then revisit if required and we can order in the perfect size for you.

With Burrells this is all part of the service we offer you, and there is no extra charge for sizing. I would also add that the ring you purchase will be covered by our 10-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind. You can watch our 10-year guarantee video here if you would like more information about it.

I think choosing the eternity ring yourself is a wonderfully romantic gesture that shows a lot of thought, and can provide your partner with a truly sentimental piece of jewellery.


Which precious stones do I select?

Choosing the stones for your eternity ring is where you can add choice elements of style and add the most value to this special purchase. An eternity ring will traditionally feature a row of diamonds, however, this is also an opportunity to add some colour and a touch of unique personality to your jewellery.

You may wish to select an eternity ring that features diamonds accented by another precious gemstone such as emeralds, sapphires or rubies!

Circle Of Life Sapphire and Diamond Gold Pendant 400x400_Circle Of Life Emerald and Diamond Gold Eternity RingCircle Of Life Sapphire and Diamond Gold Pendant 400x400_Circle Of Life Ruby And Diamond Gold Eternity Ring








It is worth noting that often alternative gemstones such as emeralds are a softer stone, so more care will need to be taken if this ring will be worn every day. Once you’ve decided which stones to decorate your eternity ring with, you then need to determine if you are going to opt for a full eternity or half eternity.

We have many styles of eternity rings here at Burrells and can help you to make a perfect choice. We also offer a bespoke design service, so you can meet our master goldsmith, Sarel and create something truly unique and exquisitely beautiful.


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WhICH finger SHOULD you wear an Eternity Ring on?

Traditionally, in the U.K, this ring is worn on the left hand and on the wedding finger. The wedding ring is often worn first, followed by the engagement ring, and then the eternity ring is worn on top.

However, if you have a broad set wedding band and/or delicate fingers, this third ring may feel uncomfortable. I would then suggest you wear it on the ring finger of your right hand, as this will give a more balanced look to your jewellery.

Once again, such a personal item of jewellery is best worn on the finger you feel most confident styling it on.


 View Eternity Ring on the model here.

Looking for some Inspiration?

I have chosen my top 5 eternity rings to give you an idea of price and style, and give you a visual idea of different designs!




Click to shop this Eternity Ring

Our Code: 1008350

Price: £1995.00

Carat weight: 0.83ct

A good choice if: Your wife has yellow gold wedding and engagement rings and likes the more contemporary shape of the princess cut diamond. The added advantage of this cut of gemstone is that there are no gaps seen between the diamonds, giving an endless dazzle of sparkling stones!


style 2: Full eternity ring set with baguette and round brilliant diamonds in 18ct white gold in a channel setting


Click to shop this Eternity Ring

Our code: 1013167

Price: £1,450.00

Carat weight: 0.45ct

A good choice if: Your wife likes traditional classic jewellery and has wedding and engagement rings in 18ct white gold ( Fineness mark 750). She prefers 18ct white gold and wants the combination of baguette cut diamonds and round brilliant, which give this ring a more unique look. The channel setting will help to protect the stones against daily wear.



style 3: Half eternity ring, diamond set in 950 platinum

Half eternity ring, diamond set in 950 platinum-1

Click to shop this Eternity Ring

Our code: 1019342

Price: £7595.00

Carat weight: 2.12ct

A good choice if: Your wife prefers the heavier weight of platinum and the more resistant surface of this precious metal. Each one of these exquisite diamonds is individually claw set, giving this gorgeous piece a sparkle that will delight the wearer for an eternity!





Click to shop this Eternity Ring

Our code: 1102292

Price: £1150.00

Carat weight: 0.14ct diamond and 0.20ct sapphire

A good choice if: Your wife likes coloured gemstones or has a sapphire engagement ring. It can really add an element of deep glamour and uniqueness to your jewellery.



style 5: Platinum and diamond 2 row full eternity ring with mille grain detail


Click to shop this Eternity Ring

Our code: 1017353

Price: £2950.00

Carat weight: 0.95ct

Perfect if: your wife prefers platinum and wants a statement piece or something a little bit different. It is a fabulous choice to be worn on the opposite hand to your wedding and engagement ring.

 SW_ET group 03 copy

Please do always feel welcome to come in and discuss your heart’s desire with us. We love to hear your beautiful stories and share in your moments of happiness.

Please do bear in mind that we can make any of these rings in the precious metal of your choice, ordering times will be 6 to 8 weeks. They will also all be covered by our Burrells 10 year guarantee to give you absolute confidence for the future, and of course our 60-day exchange or refund policy.

If you're interested in finding out even more information about eternity rings, these videos from our YouTube channel might be of interest!







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