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Hearts On Fire Review: The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond

Posted by Hosai Tarin on Aug 10, 2018 11:40:32 AM

Hearts On Fire diamond banner

Hearts On Fire is a diamond company with an impressive reputation. Their stones are considered to be the most perfectly cut diamonds in the world, showcasing exceptional fire and brilliance.

The brand prides itself on excellence in sourcing, cutting, craftsmanship and design, and it’s little wonder that Hearts On Fire is in serious demand. Countless celebrities have been spotted wearing it, including RihannaKate Upton and Julia Roberts.

Today, we want to take a look behind the Hearts On Fire curtain, discovering more about their history, diamonds and some of the highlights from their impressive collections.

Come with us, and step inside Hearts On Fire, below.

Ancient Beginnings

The Hearts On Fire story starts millions of years ago when diamonds began to form deep beneath the earth’s crust. Before the dinosaurs walked the earth, diamonds were growing and forming over millennia. 

Eventually, these special stones were pushed through volcanic pipes to the earth’s surface, where over time, they began to be mined. Only 5% of diamonds pulled from the earth are considered gem quality with the rest being utilised in drilling and machinery.

This small gem-worthy percentage is cut and polished before being distributed among retailers and wholesalers.

Hearts On Fire diamond


Modern Ideas

Glenn and Susan Rothman were diamond wholesalers with a wealth of experience, having begun their wholesale business in 1978. But it was in 1996, during a trip to Belgium, when the Hearts On Fire idea began to take hold.

There, they came across a round brilliant cut diamond displaying a hearts and arrows design due to its complex geometric cut. They were captured by the brilliance of this design and on their return to the US, they began to sell diamonds cut in a similar manner.

The Hearts On Fire name was born from that very first inspirational diamond and their first collection sold out soon after its release. This new wave of modern diamond cutting had captured the attention and the hearts of diamond lovers everywhere.

Hearts On Fire Founder Glenn Rothman with Olivia Palermo

Hearts On Fire Founder Glenn Rothman with Olivia Palermo

The Best of The Best 

Hearts On Fire ensures the quality of their stones by choosing only the most exceptional diamonds to become part of their collection. Each and every stone is individually and independently graded by the American Gemological Society, with less than 1% of all gem grade diamonds deemed fine enough to become a Hearts On Fire diamond.

Hearts on Fire diamonds

To meet these exacting standards, stones must achieve:

• A grade of 0 or above for proportion of cut.
• A grade of 0 or above for polish.
• A grade of 0 for symmetrical cut.
• A range of D-I for colour (colourless and near colourless).
• A range of flawless to slightly included for clarity.

These high standards are achieved in part, by the extreme magnification (100X) used for inspection, shaping, and cutting of stones. Such an exacting selection and design process means all Hearts On Fire diamonds of 0.20 carat and above are described as ‘sensational’.


Hearts On Fire diamonds

Hearts On Fire diamonds (Photo credit: Hearts On Fire)


A Cut Above 

The exacting cut of a Hearts On Fire diamond is one of the key factors that sets it apart from the sparkling competition.

The cut of a diamond is one of the 4Cs that we use to evaluate and define diamonds (the other Cs are clarity, colour, and carat). The cut of a diamond can have a sizable impact on its final brilliance and fire, as well as its perceived value.

A well-cut diamond will refract the light more effectively, giving it that sought after dazzling sparkle.

What Hearts On Fire does so brilliantly is select the very finest diamonds and then apply a complex cutting process that reveals their true beauty. It’s this combination that makes their diamonds such a precious commodity.

Hearts On Fire diamond

First, they carefully analyse each rough stone, using the latest technology to realise its true potential. Then, highly skilled craftsmen cut the diamonds on vibration-free cutting wheels in the inimitable Hearts On Fire style.

This is an exceptionally skilled job, with less than 400 people in the world able to cut diamonds to this degree of precision. Once cut, the diamond displays a ring of eight hearts around the bottom, and a perfectly formed fire burst on top.

This unique design results in perfect symmetry and an increased surface area for the refraction of light. This creates a dazzling fire and brilliance, with the seven colours of the spectrum, that is unparalleled in other stones. This is a perfection you can see. 

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The Shape of Your Heart

A round brilliant Hearts on Fire diamond always has 58 facets, as opposed to machine cut diamonds that may have 57 or 58. It also takes four times longer to cut and polish a Hearts On Fire diamond due to the exacting precision required at each stage.

The round brilliant cut remains the most popular choice for Hearts on Fire diamonds, but they also have their own special square cut called the Dream.

The Dream has become a recognised cut in the industry, with 12 extra facets added to give the eye-catching square shape. With a light refraction rate of 93%, it is one of the most brilliant fancy shaped diamonds available anywhere.

Woman wearing Hearts On Fire engagement ring

Hearts On Fire Euphoria Dream Pave Engagement Ring

Hearts On Fire Euphoria Dream Pave Engagement Ring
From £6,290
Enquire Here

Hearts On Fire diamond eternity/wedding bands

Hearts On Fire diamond eternity/wedding bands


Buying Hearts on Fire

If you have your heart set on a Hearts on Fire Diamond, it can be difficult to know where to begin, with so much beauty to explore. From engagement rings and wedding bands to necklaces, pendants, dress rings and bracelets, there is a huge selection to discover and fall in love with.

Below we take a closer look at their six unique fashion collections, designed by the talented Ilaria Lanzoni, below.

 Ilaria Lanzoni, Hearts On Fire jewellery designer



The perfect blend of romance and passion, the Aerial collection draws on the beauty of nature in elegant and unique, diamond pieces. Here you will find shapes drawn from the elements, with the sun, raindrops, butterflies, and snowflakes represented across the stunning range.

Round brilliant diamonds are used throughout, although clever optical illusions create the feeling of other shapes, such as marquise and pear. 

Hearts On Fire Aerial 18 carat white gold necklace

Hearts On Fire Aerial 18 carat white gold necklace
Enquire Here


Copley is a reflection of time and place; a love letter to Boston’s historic beauty, inspired by Ilaria’s feelings when she first came to the city where the Hearts On Fire headquarters are based.

European architecture and distinctive metal terraces are represented in this unique range that focuses on vintage-inspired gold and rose gold jewellery.

Hearts On Fire Copley diamond bracelet

Hearts On Fire Copley diamond bracelet
Enquire Here



The Illa collection is inspired by the night sky, and Ilaria’s childhood in northern Italy. Stars and constellations are represented throughout this distinctive range, which is one of the most desirable and popular Hearts On Fire collection.

The Constellation Bracelet is particularly spectacular, featuring a show-stopping 70 carats of perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamonds.

Hearts On Fire Illa Cluster Pendant
Hearts On Fire Illa Cluster Pendant
Enquire Here


Elegant and feminine, Lorelei is modern diamond design with a timeless edge. Here, pieces feature infinity shapes, bows, interlocking hearts, flowers, and lace.

Classic motifs and soft, curved edges are used to symbolise ongoing friendship and love.

Hearts On Fire Lorelei Chandelier diamond earrings
Hearts On Fire Lorelei Chandelier diamond earrings

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Powerful and dynamic, Triplicity is a modern collection inspired by New York City. Ilaria explains that much like the Chrysler building stands out in the NYC skyline, this collection is designed to make a woman stand out in the crowd.

Geometric shapes and brave, impactful designs are a key feature.

Hearts On Fire Triplicity Drop PendantHearts On Fire Triplicity Drop Pendant
Enquire Here


The World’s Must Have Brand

Hearts On Fire is a celebrity favourite, showing up on red carpets and influential Instagram feeds around the globe. They have also created some unique, one of a kind pieces for special events.

One famous creation was a diamond encrusted bra for Victoria’s Secret in 2006. The bra featured 2000 sparkling diamonds and was valued at a staggering 6.5 million dollars.

The diamonds took 20,000 hours of labour to prepare, with the bra itself taking more than 300 hours to design and make.

Rihanna wearing Hearts On Fire diamond jewellery

Rihanna wearing Hearts On Fire diamond bracelets


Hearts On Fire at Burrells

Hearts On Fire is more expensive than some of its competitors, but with good reason. The stones are of such high quality and showcase an intricate level of craftsmanship that makes their diamonds the best of the best.

And we are proud to offer these exceptional diamonds in our stores. So, pop into Burrells today and find out why Hearts On Fire is so special.

The world’s most beautiful diamonds are waiting for you.


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