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Which Engagement Ring Matches My Personality?

Posted by Katherine Lovage on Jan 25, 2018 11:34:28 AM


Hunting down an engagement ring can feel like an endless task. It’s easy to flick through google images until everything starts to go blurry. And then what happens? Yes, you give up.

While we all have unique tastes, sometimes it’s useful to have some inspiration for our decisions. Especially if we want to find an item that matches our personality.

So to assist you in your search, and for a little bit of fun, we’ve devised a list of rings that we think could each suit a different personality.

Keep reading to find your personality type, and see what ring we think might be a good fit for you!


The Cool Classic

As a cool classic, you know what you like. You have a penchant for all things timeless, and you always look effortlessly stylish.

You’re a charming, caring person, who is humble and helpful. You’d always prefer a glass of wine over shots, and you like your things to be minimal and sleek.

When thinking of a cool classic, we can’t help but think of old Hollywood film stars, like Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.

If this sounds like you, then we think that you might like a more traditional engagement ring. A fabulous choice for you would be a solitaire diamond ring with a slim silver band.

If you want some extra sparkle, perhaps choose a band with some understated diamond pave detailing. As they say, trends may come and go, but classic style doesn’t age.

Audrey HepburnRound solitaire diamond engagement ring

The Vintage Romantic

Like the cool classic, you tend to enjoy tradition. The vintage romantic is sweet and loveable, and your style is influenced by past decades such as the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Faux fur coat? Yes, please!

For you, reading a great book is just as good as a night on the town. You love all things antique and own an extensive collection of jazz records that you listen to while in the bath (with some gin too, of course).

Oh, and not only are you a hopeless romantic, but you probably own some beautiful lacy underwear, too, like the fabulous Dita Von Teese.

If you’re a vintage romantic then you’re in luck, there are many great engagement ring options for you.

A ring made from a vintage yellow gold metal would suit your style, and halo rings are a retro classic. In fact, you could even consider going bespoke if you have a family ring or diamond that you would like to include.

Dita Von TeeseYellow gold double halo diamond engagement ring

The Quirky Artist

You’re someone who likes to live outside of the box, because traditions can sometimes hold us back.

You like to experiment with colour and texture in your wardrobe, and don’t mind when things get a little abstract. The avant-garde is just your lifestyle, darling.

The quirky artist is a real individual, and that’s what makes you so special. Akin to the legendary Frida Kahlo, you’re creative and a deep-thinker.

We know that just like the best paintings, you’re complex and push the boundaries. So we recommend checking out coloured gemstones because a diamond doesn’t have to be your best friend!

Frida Kahlo

Emerald and diamond halo engagement ring

The Glamorous Goddess

Always on trend and always glamorous.

Not only are you fun to be around, but your extrovert personality draws people to you. You enjoy the company of others and can often be the centre of attention (which you really don’t mind).

Maybe you’re a great dancer, actor, or singer. Whatever it is that you’re good at, the world knows it. Your style is dramatic and eye-catching, and you’re a naturally confident and motivated individual.

If this sounds like you, then we recommend taking some inspiration from one of the world’s most famous divas, Mariah Carey. A large emerald cut diamond ring is contemporary and on trend.

For some extra sparkle, have your large stone set on a thin diamond encrusted band. This will make your rock stand out even more.

We think that if you’re not afraid to be in the spotlight, then your dazzling diamond should be unmissable too. Oh, and did we mention that Beyoncé also has an engagement ring like this?

Mariah Carey

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring with diamond shouldersThe Happy Hippy

You’re a bit of a daydreamer, and when it comes to love, you love it! Problems rarely get you down because you look at life positively; the glass is always half-full.

You have a creative streak, love listening to music, and are always helping others. Most likely you have an adorable pet, and you have an appreciation for the beauty of the planet.

Spending time with your family and friends is the most vital thing in your life. Plus, since you’re a warm-hearted individual, people often ask for your advice.

If you’re a Happy Hippy and want a diamond engagement ring, then we suggest looking at some unusual diamond cuts. Heart cuts and pear cuts (otherwise known as “teardrops”) are just as charming as you are.

Plus, choosing an unusual diamond cut is great because while they’re unique, they let you maintain a traditional look (if you want to). Check out Lady Gaga’s beautiful heart-shaped diamond ring for more inspiration.

Lady Gaga

Pear and round diamond three stone engagement ringThe Boss

That’s right; you’re the boss. Never one to back down, you’re a true leader, and your self-belief rarely wavers.

Since you have a competitive streak, you enjoy sports and staying active. You’re still a good team player, but people naturally turn to you because you’re a beacon of strength.

You’re bold, beautiful, and bright, and know how to get things done! While you are a friendly and caring person, tough love is your speciality.

If you’re interested in finding a ring that’s as striking as you are, try a geometric shape, like Serena Williams’s emerald diamond ring.

However, since you’re an active individual, it may be a better idea to choose a more durable cut for your engagement ring. For example, oval and round-brilliant cuts are less susceptible to damage because of their smooth edges.

Also, try looking for a ring with a sturdy diamond setting. A bezel setting is an excellent choice because of the support it provides the diamond. Remember, an understated ring will always look effortlessly cool.

Serena Williams

Oval diamond engagement ringBohemian Baby

The Bohemian Baby is playful and has a laid-back approach to life. Happy-go-lucky and adventurous, you make a thoughtful and trustworthy friend.

You’re not one for overindulgence, but instead, enjoy practising yoga and adding to your fabulous green tea collection. As an elegant fashionista, florals, fringing, and braids are your thing!

We think that it would be great for you to embrace one of this decade’s most stylish trends: rose gold. Like Lauren Conrad’s engagement ring, rose gold looks soft and delicate. Another pro is that a rose gold ring will likely fit in with your wardrobe’s colour palette.

We also believe that some intricate detailing would look great on you, so perhaps try looking for a ring that has a woven or floral band design. A band design provides added interest without being too dramatic.

Lauren Conrad

Intricate rose gold diamond engagement ring

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our blog post today. If you would like to shop the Burrells engagement ring collection, you can book an in-store appointment here.

Our family business has been operating for decades, and our experienced team can provide you with fantastic service.


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