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The Bremont Waterman Limited Edition: Helping to Protect our Oceans

Posted by Abbey Fender on Jun 27, 2018 12:34:10 PM

Mark Healey wearing the Bremont Waterman Limited Edition Watch

Early June 2018 brought an exciting announcement from Bremont co-founders Nick and Giles English.

Under the bright lights of Las Vegas, the British brothers dazzled the watch world with their newest addition to the Submarine family, the Limited Edition Waterman, a striking new dive watch built to rough it below the waves.

Limited to 300 pieces, the impressive watch has been tested in the most extreme ocean environments by real-life Aquaman, Bremont Ambassador Mark Healey.

The Waterman is due to be released in August this year and is priced at £4,395.

The Design


Bremont Waterman Limited Edition Watch

  • The satin and polished stainless-steel case has a diameter of 43mm and ensures water resistance of 500 meters.

  • The Waterman also features an automatic helium escape valve, anti-shock vibration mount and scratch-resistant sapphire uni-directional rotating bezel. It sounds more submarine than watch.

  • The crown (located at the distinctive 2 o’clock position), is safeguarded by a crown protector, minimising the possibility of impactful damage.

Bremont Waterman Limited Edition Watch - Side Profile

  • Laid upon the white metal dial are Super-LumiNova® coated hands and deep-blue applied indexes. A GMT hand is also incorporated, ensuring great legibility.

  • A subtle date aperture can be found at the 3 o’clock position.

  • The Waterman sits on a Blue Temple Island Rubber Strap and comes with an additional Blue Kevlar strap (which has red stitching and embossed leather lining).

  • Inside, The Waterman houses the Modified calibre 11 ¼”’ BE-93-2AE automatic chronometer (C.O.S.C certified), supplying the dive watch with an essential 42-hour power reserve.

Bremont Waterman - Pre-order Now

Tried and Tested by Real Life Aquaman Mark Healey

Bremont has worked closely with world-renowned free-diver, adventurer, big-wave surfer and ocean environmentalist, Mark Healey, on the testing of the new ‘Bremont Waterman’.

The watch that has been tested in the most extreme ocean environments by Mark, who also assisted the brand with its Supermarine 500 sapphire crystal case back technology.

The core S500 watch architecture is preferred by multiple military units and explorers all over the world.

Mark Healey wearing the Bremont Waterman

Mark Healey in the ocean

Bremont Waterman close-up

“I really identify with Bremont’s commitment to design, function and durability,” Healey comments. “This piece is just as at home four atmospheres under the sea as it is at a black tie affair."

"To me, it’s a reminder of who you are and where you’ve been; a constant and reliable item in a dynamic life.”

Check out what Mark has to say in the video below.


Helping to Protect Our Oceans

I was personally thrilled to discover that the striking Waterman is not only an aesthetically pleasing, remarkable technical dive watch but it also delivers a compelling environmental message about the plastic waste issues affecting our beautiful oceans.

‘Enjoy her wonders, protect her legacy, and leave her better than you found her.’

Bremont is promoting the important message that lies behind this inspirational quote, helping to increase awareness of the problems that our oceans are facing all over the world.


Turtle in the ocean attached to a piece of plastic

There are currently 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently littering our oceans. Rubbish accumulates in 5 ocean garbage patches, the largest one being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is located between Hawaii (Mark Healey’s home) and California.

If left to circulate, the plastic will impact our ecosystems, health and economies. To solve it, we need to address the source and clean up what has already accumulated in the ocean.

A percentage of proceeds from all Bremont Waterman sales will go towards the charity ‘Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’, a local grassroots non-profit organisation run by a small team of dedicated staff and supported by passionate volunteers.


Final Thoughts

What Bremont has achieved with the Waterman is much more than an exceptional new addition to their Supermarine diver’s collection; the English brothers have delivered a striking technical dive watch, with a real purpose.

Together with Mark Healey, they are highlighting a key environmental issue that is and will continue to directly affect every one of us, unless attitudes and change happen now.

It may only be a drop in the ocean, but to see Bremont championing this vital movement is an achievement to be encouraged and celebrated.


Bremont Waterman - Pre-order Now


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