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Philip Copping

Philip is the Watch Specialist at our Tunbridge Wells store, where he is always on hand with plenty of advice and information. He has a favourite watch brand but says that, much like one’s children, it’s not the ‘done thing’ to tell anyone. That being said, he is very proud to be the ambassador for a number of brands, including Bremont, Breitling and TUDOR. Philip has a modest collection of watches, which includes vintage pieces from the late fifties, and his pride and joy - an Alpina pocket watch from the 1920’s (which he often wears with his waistcoat). Outside of work, Phil’s passion is music. He regularly gigs around the Tunbridge Wells area as a solo vocalist, and also as a guitarist in his band, Dance Commando. He has a collection of records which focuses on ‘one-hit wonders’ from the seventies. Little known fact: Before discovering the jewellery industry over 10 years ago, Philip toured Europe in a Rock n Roll show, portraying Buddy Holly.

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