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Aquamarine - A dive into the March Birthstone

Posted by Adel Tchavdarova on Mar 15, 2019 1:12:52 PM


Birthday shopping for March babies is a breeze with the gorgeous aquamarine gemstone!


Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for a friend, a loved one, or even just looking to treat yourself because your birthday is in March (don’t worry, we’re not judging!), an aquamarine is a fantastic and thoughtful gemstone to purchase for the occasion.

With its shallow seawater hue, you can brighten up a jewellery set or add a subtle and elegant pop of colour to those who are afraid to go for coloured gemstones!



Tell me more about Aquamarines

Aquamarine is in the same family as emerald and is a colour variety of the beryl mineral . Its name comes from the Latin words ‘aqua’ (water) and ‘marina’ (of the sea), and previously it has been used by sailors to calm the waves and keep them safe out at sea.

In contrast, many superstitious people also use it to further enhance the happiness of a marriage. Whatever its use or spiritual connection, no person can deny the fresh beauty, clear lustre and sparkle of an aquamarine.

Due to the natural occurrence of aquamarine, this gemstone can be used for any type of jewellery. It is best used for large cuts on jewellery such as cocktail rings (or dress rings), meaning you’re more likely to find larger carats of this particular gemstone, due to miners frequently coming across enormous raw minerals of this type of beryl.


It is mined in extremely high elevations (approximately 15,000 feet) in Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains, but can also predominantly be found in Brazil.

This gemstone can be found in various different shades of blue and is often mistaken for blue topaz. The best thing about aquamarine is that it is generally flawless and transparent, which makes it great for reflecting off lots of light and being extra sparkly!

So if you’re looking for gifts to buy a loved one whose birthday is in March, it would be a very thoughtful idea and a sentimental gift to go for an aquamarine piece of jewellery.


Shop the Look

Here are our top picks for Aquamarine jewellery from Burrells




This luxurious aquamarine ring is a little step away from understated, with its halo and shoulders covered in high quality glistening diamonds amounting to 0.5 carat, and of course the big lighthearted blue centre aquamarine pulling you into its pristine facets of shimmer.

This piece also comes with a 10 year Burrells guarantee, all we ask is that every six months you pop in to a Burrells store and let us clean and polish it, reviving more sparkle and checking the ring over to make sure it’s still looking perfect while you sit back in our VIP area with a cappuccino!


If you’re looking for something a little more bold and eye catching, this gorgeous 2.28 carat aquamarine pendant surrounded by sparkly diamonds totalling 0.21 carat could definitely make a lucky wearer feel chic and vivacious.

It comes with a 16” or 18” white gold chain, so you can choose a length that best suits you.




For those who may prefer something a little more intricate than a stud, these white gold drop earrings are perfect for whatever tasks you’re tackling that day.

Whether it's for a casual everyday look, or for that hint of elegance to match the perfect cocktail dress, these earrings are a fabulous choice as a gift for a March birthday! 



Picking a gift can be tricky, so we’d love to offer any advice in order to get some ideas together on what will be perfect for each lucky recipient!

So go on, come into one of our stores and enjoy a glass of prosecco while you browse through our wonderful collections!

Shop the full Aquamarine range at Burrells NOW


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