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Ania Haie Jewellery Arrives At Burrells

Posted by Adel Tchavdarova on Apr 23, 2019 10:45:36 AM

ania haie jewellery

New brand alert! As 2019 continues to bring us surprises, we also welcome a new fresh brand into our Burrells stores – cue Ania Haie! This London-based, contemporary jewellery brand will be sure to lure you in with its variety of intricate and alluring designs.


The message behind Ania Haie

The main motive for the birth of Ania Haie was to provide jewellery lovers all over the world, with a combination of a luxury feel and an accessible price tag. It's safe to say that the price tag is something we definitely love about this brand, as the pieces start from only £10!

Ania Haie jewellery can either be stacked alongside other jewellery elements or can work beautifully on their own, due to their delicate and unique designs. In most cases with Ania Haie though, their jewellery manages to accomplish both goals!

ania haie jewelleryPhoto credit: Instagram @aniahaie

Stacking jewellery has become really popular in recent years, with many people striving for the busy, boho-chic style vibe. This is created by layers of unique pieces to build a personal tailored look, and this is precisely what Ania Haie aims to promote. You can really play around with styles and design through Ania Haie jewellery.


A closer look at the collections

Each of their collection is said to spotlight a specific fashion trend of the moment, which ties them all in together incredibly well. Let's take a closer look at the 8 collections available at Burrells, as well as an exciting promotion being held in store and online!


Promotion alert!

Ania Haie currently has an exciting promotion happening in-store and online with Burrells, where if you spend £89 or more, you get a gorgeous pair of earrings in a choice of silver or silver with 14ct gold plating.


They feature some sparkly cubic zirconia for extra sparkle, and are retailed at £15!

The 8 collections are:

  • Twister
  • Mineral Glow
  • Geometric
  • Coin
  • Modern Minimalism
  • Out Of This World
  • Texture Mix
  • Fringe Appeal


The twister collection

This collection includes the most classic and timeless pieces, designed in enchanting twist motions, while keeping a high sophistication level.

ania haie jewelleryPhoto credit: Instagram @aniahaie

Featured products currently available at Burrells:

The twist collection really plays around with the different curvature of jewellery and how unique twists can really compliment your features. We love pieces such as the Helix Hook Earrings below, which really experiment with the wave effect and has a lovely three-dimensional feel. 




The Mineral Glow collection

We are also in love with the Mineral Glow collection, as even just the name is enough to make you want to grab a towel and get a radiant glow by the sparkling sea! This collection offers a variety of water droplet designs of vibrant Turquoise, Labradorite, and twinkling Opal to really engage the mineral feel. 

ania haie jewelleryPhoto credit: Instagram @aniahaie

Featured products currently available at Burrells:

It also plays around with the different setting shapes of the stones in mostly a rub-over design, to enhance the raw look of the non-symmetrical cuts that are featured within this collection.

Pieces from this collection are powerful enough to be worn alone as a statement piece, or be layered with other jewellery from the Mineral Glow collection, or even with other pieces within their different collections! 


Due to it’s sharp and eccentric look, we recommend pairing the Mineral Glow collection with the Geometric collection (up next!), to really play around with their unique, edgy shapes which strongly compliment each other!




The geometric collection

The Geometric collection is an entirely minimalist and modern take on edgy jewellery. It includes some truly unique pieces that will definitely have people asking where you get your quirky jewellery from!

ania haie jewelleryPhoto credit: Instagram @aniahaie

Featured products currently available at Burrells:

The different bold and complementary shapes can sit so beautifully and naturally on your skin. With the intriguing edgy shapes, this collection champions simplistic designs that can complement any other design style, whether simple or extravagant. This adds that smooth and understated chic feel to your look. 




The Coin Collection

Their iconic "Coin" inspired jewellery is also very on trend right now. Coins have been around as jewellery pieces for many generations, and this is a perfect modern twist to a classic tradition.

ania haie jewelleryPhoto credit: Instagram @aniahaie

Featured products currently available at Burrells:

We love the fact that Ania Haie can make the usually chunky coin design look incredibly soft and delicate, for the ultimate boho feel. This collection offers different types of coin designs inspired by various icons in mythology, meaning that you choose what coin style you prefer!


Just like most Ania Haie collections, this one experiments with different chain lengths to really allow you the flexibility to layer your look. Some single coin necklaces are quite lengthy, and a lot of the multiple coin pieces feature a shorter length. Therefore this collection really tailors to your personal preference as a jewellery wearer. 



The Modern Minimalism Collection

Another style that has stood the test of time is the concept of minimalist jewellery. Whether it's sleek lines or touches of beaded detailing, this simple design concept is proven to be a popular choice.

Ania Haie takes inspiration from the understated and created jewellery pieces that have innovative and creative designs. I can assure you that the subtle finishes make these pieces, unlike any other minimalist jewellery you have seen before!

ania haie jewelleryPhoto credit: Instagram @aniahaie

Featured products currently available at Burrells:

The best part about this collection is the dynamic effect you can create by layering or stacking pieces from this collection. On their own, they are elegant and dainty, however when mixed with other elements, they can create a dramatic and edgy look.

The blend of chain detailing with smooth metal shine creates really engaging jewellery that will complement most styles and tastes!




The out of this world Collection

Many brands use the night's sky to create sun, moon and star inspired jewellery. Ania Haie dares to be different, through instead capturing the essence of our solar system and the wonders of the outside world.

ania haie jewelleryPhoto credit: Instagram @aniahaie

Featured products currently available at Burrells:

Simple beads in contrasting metal tones, help reflect the planets orbiting around in space. This elegant collection is very modern and sophisticated yet doesn't fail to capture some of that magic beyond the stars.




The texture mix collection

The Texture Mix collection has some unforgettable pieces within it too. This collection includes a variety of metallic texture designs. These include the ripple effects seen throughout their discs and the twist effect that is featured in their bangles. This collection is excellent for someone who wants to experiment with various effects.

ania haie jewelleryPhoto credit: Instagram @aniahaie

Featured products currently available at Burrells:

We love this collection because it offers those who wear it the chance to explore something different. When paired with pieces from other themes, for example the Fringe Appeal or Twister collection, the compilation of textures really transforms the overall look. 




The Fringe Appeal Collection

Another older trend that has been brought back through Ania Haie’s modernisation is their Fringe Appeal collection. This one is sure to have you swinging your arms about as you dance, just so you can get a glimpse of the movement of the silver tassels on you!

ania haie jewelleryPhoto credit: Instagram @aniahaie

Featured products currently available at Burrells:

This collection provides us with various fringe effects to suit each individual! There are also matching sets that complete the look, to fully submerge yourself into fringe culture. When the jewellery looks this good, it shouldn't just be dusted off for the festival season, but instead worm all year round!




WHAT MATERIALS are used in ania haie jewellery?

Each of their pieces are created from high quality 925 Sterling silver, with rhodium plating to add extra lustre! There is also sterling silver with 14ct gold or rose gold plating, for those gorgeous yellow and pink hues.

ania haie jewelleryPhoto credit: Instagram @aniahaie

What sets Ania Haie aside from other brands is the luxury feel of the 14ct gold vermeil plating and how they balance quality materials at such an affordable price. They also really play around with modern creativity, keeping all their ranges totally different, but still somehow linking perfectly together.

This further contributes to the idea that their pieces will look great worn alone or with other Ania Haie jewellery, in order to really fit in with your personal style.


So, what do you think?

All collections have matching pieces available, but the true beauty of Ania Haie is that every piece is designed to work together and alone, so experiment as much as you want, and any look you make will look great!

There are plenty of pieces to try on, and we encourage you to come and see the jewellery for yourself in store. Currently our Staines Burrells store, Kingston SWAG store, and online store stock Ania Haie, so if you would like to see this refreshing brand for yourself and try some pieces on then pop into store to browse, or order online today. 

view ania haie collection at burrells


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