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An Introduction To byBiehl Jewellery at Burrells

Posted by Hosai Tarin on Apr 5, 2019 9:09:13 AM

bybiehl jewellery on model

As jewellers, we are always trying to keep on top of the emerging trends and ensure that our collections are up to date. We love being able to provide our customers with a wide variety of choice and selection, whether it's new design concepts, fashionable brands or luxury pieces! This is why we are delighted to introduce you to the byBiehl collection.


We have recently welcomed byBiehl to Burrells and are very excited to have this new and inspirational brand available. The designs are fresh, elegant but still timeless. The prices are also very affordable, and we love how each piece has a meaning behind the design.


Tell me more about byBiehl

ByBiehl is a Danish brand of jewellery started by Charlotte Biehl in 2010. Charlotte was looking to create a line of jewellery that is affordable and accessible to many, yet still championed great quality materials and craftsmanship.

bybiehl jewellery on model gold jewellery

The Wave Gold-Plated Drop Earrings are one of our favourite pieces!

Charlotte wanted to create jewellery with some meaning behind it, so that the person wearing it feels special knowing that there is a story behind their piece of jewellery. Today ByBiehl is a great seller in many countries around the world, for each collection that they offer has a beautiful sentiment attached to it.

In order to create their vision, ByBiehl tested many manufacturers around the globe, before finding the best ones that can maintain their quality standards.

bybiehl jewellery on model at beach

The Hanging Forget-Me-Not Gold-Plated Hook Earrings are perfect for an everyday look!

All their pieces are made with sterling silver or they are sterling silver that is gold plated. All the silver pieces have a rhodium plating to maintain the beautiful silver colour. The stones used in any of the pieces are set and polished by hand.

When creating the designs for ByBiehl, Charlotte was also mindful to create timeless pieces. She wanted the wearer to be able to enjoy the jewellery now, as much as they would many years later on. She says you can use these pieces to express your personal style and taste.

bybiehl logo pink


a closer look at the collections

Currently there are 7 collections to choose from, and we have stocked a variety of pieces across the collections for you to get a first taste of byBiehl! Let's take a look at some of the pieces to discover their unique inspirations, and explore which items are available at Burrells.


Beautiful World

byBiehl - Beautiful World necklaces

Featured products available at Burrells: Beautiful World 14ct Gold-Plated Necklace (left) & Beautiful World Silver Necklace (right)

Inspired by the world, you can find pendants, bracelets and drop earrings that have a carved out map incorporated into their design. The maps range from countries to continents, or even can feature the full map of the world.

bybiehl silver beautiful world necklace

They come in silver or rose/yellow gold plated. This collection would make a meaningful gift to world explorers, or to someone who has an attachment to a particular place.



byBiehl - Together necklaces

Featured products available at Burrells: Together Family of Three Silver Bracelet (left) & Together Family of Four 14ct Gold-Plated Bracelet (right)

This is a beautiful collection with such a heartfelt meaning behind it. All about love and families, the Together Collection is a sentimental way to keep your loved ones with you everywhere you go. You can find pendants and bracelets of just two figures holding hands, or families of three or four people.

bybiehl together family of three gold plated necklace

The pieces can be layered, so you can add some on as your family and loved ones grow. It's a really special way to symbolise family, and it's touched a lot of hearts amongst us in store.


Tree of life

Tree of Life - byBiehl

Featured products available at byBiehl: Tree of Life Silver Necklace (left) & Tree of Life 14ct Gold-Plated Sparkle Necklace (centre) & Tree of Life Silver Bracelet (right)

A reminder of generations before us, this collection is represented by a beautiful tree. Available in gold plated or silver designs, this collection is a tribute to life. The option of sparkling embellishment adds a touch of glamour for those who like to shine bright!

Inspired by Charlotte's childhood chestnut tree, it's designed to encourage you to grow and develop into your best self.



unlock love necklace bybeihl

Featured product available at Burrells: Unlock Love - Key Heart Silver Necklace

Various key designs in both pendants and bracelets, symbolise different characteristics that you can keep close to your heart. Strength, love, happiness and adventure and just some of our favourite personal emotions, that these designs embody and represent. 

bybiehl silver unlock your strength necklace

The keys represent a way to find your dreams and encourage you to go explore more about yourself and the world. The key collection would make a beautiful and meaningful gift to anyone starting a new chapter in their life, or a perfect graduation present.


Love Letters

Love Letters - byBiehl

View the full Love Letters Collection at byBiehl

Inspired by the handwriting of old love letters, you can choose any letter of the alphabet in a pendant or bracelet. This is a new take on the initial pendant, which we all know is a timeless and iconic pendant trend.


Fine Jewellery

bybiehl jewellery on model in sunshine

View the full Fine Jewellery Collection at byBiehl

If you like the collection but prefer it in fine jewellery, this collection offers some of the pieces in 14ct gold and diamond detailing. The prices are a little higher, but it does give customers the option to add extra luxury to these designs.

This is particularly of interest if you are keen to keep your new jewellery in line with your current pieces, that may be 14ct gold.



Power, Olive and Forest necklaces - byBiehl

View the full byBiehl collection available at Burrells here, which features lots of gorgeous pieces from the Classic Collection

This collection is aimed to be feminine and timeless, and made to be versatile with any outfit. There is use of crystals, pearls, and other stones to add a new dimension to byBiehl jewellery. The pieces are delicate, featuring a lot of drop earrings and dainty bracelets.

bybiehl gold drop earrings

There's a little bit of everything in this collection, so whether gold, silver, gemstones or neutral tones are your preference, there is bound to be a piece in the classics collection that is perfect for you.

For a closer look at some of the pieces in store, take a look at our YouTube video below, where our jewellery specialist Adel talks you through some of her favourites!



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As a brand, ByBiehl does try to follow current trends in jewellery, so you will find a lot of trendy and fashionable pieces as well. Currently, they have a fantastically varied collection of hoops and small drop earrings in yellow gold plated and silver.

We have a good selection of their collections here at Burrells, please stop by one of our stores that stock them and we would be delighted to show you more!

buy bybiehl online at burrells


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