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Three-Stone Engagement Rings: Why They’re the Hottest Trend of 2018

Photo credit: Alexi Lubomirski / Kensington Palace    It was the legendary French designer, Coco Chanel, who said: “fashion fades, only style remains the same.” In today’s market, and as the world of fast fashion whirls around us, these words continue to carry the truth.
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Ultimate Guide to the 2018 Rolex Watch Collections

With ever-growing collections and a dedicated following, Rolex is a brand that we all invariably encounter. In fact, Rolex’s sponsorship of corporate and sporting events, such as their partnership with Wimbledon, make Rolex difficult (if not impossible) to ignore.
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Local Independent Jewellers vs Online Chains: Where Should I Shop?

As more people shun the high street in favour of large shopping centres or the comfort of their sofa and a laptop, independent jewellers are paying the price. I’d like to use this article to make a case for bucking the trend and choosing independent retailers, especially for important purchases.
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What to Expect at a Wedding Fair

I am proud to say that I have been a blushing bride and although I love my husband dearly, I must be honest it was a stressful time! Was he familiar with the colour sashes we had chosen to go with our linen? Not at all! Did he know which favours would complement our theme? Of course not! Did I panic as I had no idea what I was doing? Yes definitely, but fortunately my matron of honour suggested a wedding fair. To those of you who have never had the chance to attend one, it is all your wedding needs wrapped up in one place. It pretty much covers everything; from wedding cakes and flowers to cars and honeymoons.
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5 Chic Dress Watches Every Woman Should Invest in

Photo credit: www.blameitonmei.com   Women’s dress watches are sometimes not given the attention they deserve. Perhaps that’s because men’s dress watches come with a more specific rulebook. Or simply because there is more flexibility around women’s formal and evening wear. Whatever the reasons, there are some stunning women’s dress watches out there, and they are well overdue some time in the style spotlight.
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Martin's Top 5 Swiss Sports Watches

Of all the watch styles around today, the sports watch has undoubtedly seen the most significant growth. There have been many exciting new launches over the last couple of years, and with so much choice, this can make finding the right model a real challenge.
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Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings (Pros & Cons)

Are you confused about the different engagement ring settings? Would you like to know the difference between a claw and a bar? Or perhaps you want to compare a tension setting and a rub over?
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How Much does it Cost to Remodel Your Old Jewellery?

Lots of people ask us about the options for old jewellery. It’s amazing how many of us have some languishing in a drawer at home.
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The Ultimate Guide to Finding an Engagement Ring

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Which Engagement Ring Matches My Personality?

Hunting down an engagement ring can feel like an endless task. It’s easy to flick through google images until everything starts to go blurry. And then what happens? Yes, you give up.
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